We deliver a PEO Service tailored to our clients’ needs and itstheir workforce requirements.

Organizations, both foreign and local, choose to utilize Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services as it assists in sharing the liability of being an employer with the benefit of not having to deal with the costly HR management and benefits administration to be handled by the experts in the field.

What is a Professional Employer Organisation

quickly recruit the required team members by
outsourcing the employment

WorkinTurkey provides the PEO (Professional Employment Organization) Service all around Türkiye as an umbrella company with the model of project based administrative services. Addition to the employment services, WorkinTurkey offers payroll outsourcing, recruitment, relocation, and many other client-specific professional services designed according to needs.

As well as providing our clients with a professional approach in employment and payroll outsourcing services in the huge city of Istanbul, we also assist them in projects which are to be conducted in all the other cities of Türkiye. Within the light of the service we deliver, our clients benefit from full compliancy in Labor Law, Social Security Laws and regulations, and mandatory Health & Safety measures along with desired compensation & benefit package assistance.

Serving to a great number of global and local clients, we have gained an excessive knowledge and expertise not only in payroll processes but also employee management. We also provide consultancy on work permit application processes, in addition to expat taxation matters referring to compensation, in case the employees which are wished to be onboarded are foreign nationals.

Additionally, by offering BPO Services (Business Process Outsourcing) with a team of specialized experts in the fields of marketing, merchandising, assistance, information technologies and similar functions, we allow our clients focus on their core business as we assist them in their back-office operations.


We provide compliancy with the local regulation in payroll calculation and all relevant processes.
Even though we are located in Istanbul, Türkiye, we can have employees work in different cities within the country.
We provide flexibility in company expansion or downsizing as our clients outsource employment support services from us.
We manage our clients’ business processes with a balanced budget, one stop shop service definition, and a single invoice.
We help our clients expand their workforce beyond their permanent staff.
We provide unlimited legal consultancy throughout the employment processes such as new hires and termination.
Benefits of PEO WorkinTurkey

Benefits of PEO WorkinTurkey

  • Compliance

  • Cost Reduction

  • High Service Levels

  • Fixed Cost Pricing

  • Consolidated Invoicing and Payment

  • Fast Delivery

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